Get Ready Club

Develop independence and prepare for pre-school and school in a fun group

This programme aims to develop confidence and independence with:Get Ready for School group nominated for netmums award

  • Dressing
  • Feeding
  • Toileting and personal care
  • Pre-writing skills
  • Motor skills needed for using pencils and scissors successfully


Early Independence Skills

A flexible programme to support children aged from 2 1/2 years old to work on some of the skills needed for achieving independence.  This group is ideal for Nurseries and Pre-Schools settings. For example;

  • Develop independence with undressing and dressing.
  • Encourage self-feeding and pick up tips for using cutlery in both hands as well as introducing a knife and fork.
  • Work on increasing independence with toileting and personal care in potty trained children.
  • Find out more about what is expected of children when starting playgroup and prepare for this next big step.
  • Improve communication and strategies when teaching new skills.

Get Ready for School

A 4 week programme aimed at children due to start school the following September.

  • Work towards independence with dressing.
  • Encourage self-feeding and pick up tips for using a knife and fork.
  • Develop independent toileting, hand washing and personal care.
  • Pick up tips for developing the motor skills needed for using scissors and pencils successfully.
  • Develop pre-writing skills.
  • Learn more about the skills expected of children on entry to Reception Class.

For more information about how we can offer these groups to your school please contact Abi on 07903 085883.

These groups work well if parents are involved and are aimed at children without identified difficulties or diagnoses.  However, all sessions are adapted to meet the needs of the individual children attending and can accomodate children with additional needs.

“Brilliant fun for Harry. He really enjoyed coming and really informative for me. It has made us focus on getting dressed and undressed at home and given us lots of ideas to practice. It helped to find out what was expected of children going to playschool.”

 “It has been amazing and made such a difference. Before the sessions started I hadn’t even thought about dressing/undressing and now my son does it all by himself in just four weeks.”